Paris, Nice... Reflecting on Terror...

Paris, Nice... Reflecting on Terror...

Mon, 24/10/2016


3rd series of conferences / 2016-2017

The series of conferences «Reflecting on Terror...» will take place this year for the third time. These talks have proved to be more than necessary, as we need to be able to think at length, independently of the media presentations influenced by world events. In the wake of the French presidential elections, with the particularly scathing and heated debates that lie ahead, after the killing in Nice and when thousands of people are taking to the road every day in the Middle East, fleeing the massacres and the war zone areas, it is more important than ever to leave a door open for alternative information. By doing so, we hope to create the necessary time and space in today’s fast paced world, to help citizens develop their critical thinking and form educated opinions.

The conferences will be a mixture of reflection and reaction, events and contextualization, taking a look at the history and emergencies that we are subjected to. The talks will be made up of research and revelation, speeches and debates. Researchers taking part in the conferences will be invited to analyze, in clear and simple terms and each presentation will be followed by a one-hour discussion.

Program 2016-2017

# 1 | November 15, 2016 : Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche (Lawyer, Lyon 3, ÉIUF) and Karine Roudier (Lawyer, IEP, Triangle)
A year of state of emergency! The end of the rule of law?
# 2 | December 6, 2016: Isabelle Garcin-Marrou (Science of Information and Communication, IEP, ELICO)
Media and terrorism: the question of the enemy within
# 3 | January 17, 2017: Fehti Benslama (Psychoanalyst, Paris 7)
A furious desire of sacrifice. The Muslim superego
# 4 | February 14, 2017: Florence Rochefort (Historian, CNRS, GSRL, Paris) and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel (Historian, Larhra, Lyon)
Secularism, type and gender
# 5 | March 14, 2017: Abdennour Bidar (Philosopher, IGEN) – subject to availability.
Islam in our time
# 6 | April 4, 2017: Frédéric Abécassis (historian, Larhra, ENS de Lyon)
When cinema films a historical rupture: Homeland, Irak year zero by Abbas Fahdel
Following the Cycle «Reflecting on Terror»

After the attacks of January 7 and 9, 2015, and then on November 13 of the same year, it seemed necessary for researchers working at the Triangle laboratory, both as citizens and as academics, to participate in the reflection on the meaning, as well as the geopolitical, political and social effects of these events. And then to base this reflection on the methods of social sciences: historicizing, field studies, comparing approaches, critical thinking and philology. Researchers are also mindful of their ignorance and fall prisoners to the feeling of discomfort in the face of the complexity of phenomena that need to be analyzed and understood. More than ever, scientific statements remain provisional and subject to constant reformulation.
Researchers have therefore proposed a series of public lectures, open to everyone, with the support of the University of Lyon, and the help of the Triangle laboratory, involving researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. The complexity inherent in any analysis of reality must not interfere with the transmission. A mixture of research and generalization, discussion and debate, the talks aim to spread and highlight knowledge developed during research, while seeking to present it in simple and clear terms, to enable these studies to taken on board by as many people as possible.
A blog has also been launched to provide conferences, in the form of audio recordings/or scripts, and share readings (reports, books to read), commented bibliographies, critical reviews on documentaries or recommendations of films to watch.