Spring cleaning for Zao Wou Ki

Spring cleaning for Zao Wou Ki

Mon, 18/07/2016


Dusting off of the large painting in Monod hall

On Friday, June 24, 2016, a small team painstakingly dusted off the large oil painting by Zao Wou Ki in the entrance hall of the Monod campus. The frame was opened up, spider webs removed with a brush and dust bunnies swept away. The painting was closely examined (and it’s overall in good shape despite a few coffee stains…), an official inventory number was marked on the frame and photos of the painting were taken in front of intrigued passersby.
Zao Wou Ki (1920-2013), a Chinese painter who became a French citizen through naturalization, made this monumental canvas (2.80 meters by 4.60 meters) specifically for the ENS de Lyon when it opened in 1987. The school loaned it out in 2003 to the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris for a retrospective dedicated to this very renowned artist.
Today this work is one of the gems of the ENS de Lyon’s art collection, which is currently being inventoried by Nora Evain Bentayeb, who is completing a Master in arts management at the University Rennes 2.
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