Take part in the ENS de Lyon’s life on campus!

Take part in the ENS de Lyon’s life on campus!

Tue, 22/05/2018


Life on campus at the ENS de Lyon is rich and diverse, thanks to the 150 events or so organized every year from over twenty student clubs of all kinds – including sports, arts and culture – all of which are listed on the Federation des Associations de l’ENS de Lyon’s website.
Highlights of the year:

A total of 16 memorable events are put together annually for your utmost pleasure: the Week-end d’intégration (WEI), InterENS, the annual Gala, the InterDepts, Art Total, InterLudes, Cithémuses, InterQ, Journée de la Radio and more…
Further the enjoyment by joining a student club!

Besides the ASSET, the school's international students' club, there is a wide range of associations you can involve yourself in – from drama club, musical and dancing practices, to beekeeping initiations and symphony orchestra concerts.
You can also be part of the school’s sport club (AS), the BDE (Bureau des élèves), plastic arts workshops, film sessions in the cinema club or radio broadcasts from the school’s own webradio, amongst a variety of engaging activities.