Reopening of the Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon on the Monod campus

Reopening of the Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon on the Monod campus

Fri, 21/01/2022


 It is a more colorful, user-friendly library that reopened its doors on January 17.

Library Reception area

3 reading rooms, a new distribution of the collections

  • "Galerie maths-info" (Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • "La Croisée" (Sciences and Society)
  • "Espace des sciences" (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)

Disciplines are more clearly identified.

"La Croisée" is a modular room designed for the organization of transdisciplinary events and meetings. It will also host the Cycle "Sciences en résonance". The popular press is also located in this room. The scientific press is in the reception area.

Library furniture

New furniture

Colored furniture and sofas bring more conviviality to these rooms. Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of the seating: the modularity of the furniture allows adaptation to different working postures (sitting low or high, in an armchair, near natural light sources, etc.).


  • Automatic lending machine: very useful in this library, it allows readers to borrow and return books, especially outside of the librarian's office hours, which are from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 7pm. All you need is your student or professional card.
  • Multifunctional copier, small bookbinding equipment
  • A relaxation area at the reception with several games available (chess, go game, Shogi)

And of course all the services of the library.

The renovations in brief

  • Emptying the library and selecting books. The selection of the 5,000 books still accessible to readers was of course carried out in coordination with the teachers. The temporary library was immediately set up.
  • Emptying all the furniture. What was in good condition was reallocated to ENS services or was given to associative libraries.
  • De-silting. Removing the false ceiling, tearing up the floor, etc.

In order to

  • Another decoration from floor to ceiling in harmony with the rest of the building.
  • A better structuring of the space. Brings more light into the reading rooms and more fluidity in the circulation. The opening of a bay window in the "Galerie maths-info" improves the luminosity and allows a view of the interior gardens.


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