Storms: serious damage on campus

Storms: serious damage on campus

Mon, 05/06/2023


The violent thunderstorms that broke out in Lyon on Saturday June 3, 2023 caused several damages on ENS de Lyon campus.

While waterproofing work is currently underway at the Diderot Library, the reception hall and a storeroom have suffered major flooding. Most of the collections have been protected as a matter of urgency, and a unit is currently working to safeguard the affected collections. Nevertheless, the cleaning of the premises and the assessment of the situation are forcing ENS de Lyon to close the library to readers and staff.

The Kantor Theatre has also been affected by a water ingress incident, resulting in the cancellation of the performance scheduled for June 4. Technical services have also been mobilized to assess the situation and the time required to repair the damage.

The common areas of building E of the Bonnamour residence have suffered damage via the outside walkways. The damaged equipment room should be repaired during the day on June 5, and drains will also have to be installed in the outside passageways.

Finally, some isolated leaks are also to be deplored on the Monod campus, in the basement of the M3 building, at UMPA, in the parking lot and in the Mérieux auditorium.

The ENS de Lyon staffare doing their utmost to ensure that everyone can return to normal operations.

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