Jacques Cartier Conversations

Jacques Cartier Conversations

21 Monday
From Mon, 21/11/2016 to Wed, 23/11/2016



The Jacques Cartier Conversations, held each year at the Jacques Cartier Center, encompass some 20 conferences and events on interdisciplinary themes.
The conferences and events this year are centered on the following themes:

  • Health & life sciences
  • Energy & sustainable development
  • Mobility, territories and « smart cities »
  • Finance and legal affairs
  • Digital and technologies
  • Entrepreneurship

As part of the Health Summit of the Jacques Cartier Conversations, the Jacques Cartier Center is co-organizing a health hackathon (Hacking Health Lyon). It’s a sprint-like event inviting a variety of players eager to collaborate around e-health projects and to innovate to improve tomorrow’s health care.

Once the challenges are presented, participants can pick a topic and build a team. They will have 48 hours of intense meetings, creative discussions and plain fun working together to develop prototypes that can improve the services brought to patients, with the help of coaches and tools. The best projects will be rewarded on Sunday November 20 and supported by the partners of the Jacques Cartier Center.

Jacques Cartier Center: Created in 1984 in Lyon by Alain Bideau and Charles Mérieux, the Jacques Cartier Center is one of the key players in the cooperation between France and Canada.

Its mission is centered on the promotion of the scientific, economic, academic, cultural and institutional ecosystems of Quebec and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The aim is to invigorate this vast network to foster synergies between these worlds around the issues of innovation and technology transfer.



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