Lunar New Year 2018: Asia & gastronomy

Lunar New Year 2018: Asia & gastronomy

05 Monday
Mon, 05/03/2018



As each year, ENS de Lyon and the Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO in French) will celebrate the new lunar year 農曆新年, which falls in 2018 under the sign of the Dog.

Film program - Asia & gastronomy:
Entrance is free, but inscription is required
4:30 pm - talks and short film presentation
with Romain Graziani and Elise Domenach (ENS Lyon).
tampopo_1519229796792-jpg5:00 pm - #1 Film projection: タンポポ Tampopo, Itami Jūzo, 1985, 1h58min (original version with French subtitles)
Tampopo (literally "dandelion") is a Japanese comedy film starring Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Kōji Yakusho, and Ken Watanabe. The publicity for the film calls it the first "ramen western", a play on the term Spaghetti Western.
7:00-7:45 pm: break
eat-drink-man-womanposter_1519229825496-jpg7:45 pm - #2 Film projection: 饮食 男女 Eat Drink Man Woman, Ang Lee, 1994, 2h04min (original version with French subtitles)
The setting is 1990s contemporary Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Chu (Sihung Lung), a widower who is a master Chinese chef, has three unmarried daughters, each of whom challenges any narrow definition of traditional Chinese culture. Each Sunday Mr. Chu makes a glorious banquet for his daughters, but the dinner table is also the family forum, or perhaps “torture chamber,” to which each daughter brings “announcements” as they negotiate the transition from traditional “father knows best” style to a new tradition which encompasses old values in new forms.


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