Lyon, earth capital 2016

Lyon, earth capital 2016

23 Tuesday
From Tue, 23/02/2016 to Sun, 17/07/2016



Conferences, roundtables and a participatory inventory of earthen architectures

For the first time, Lyon will host the 12th international congress "Terra 2016", which is expected to bring together 800 participants from 80 nationalities from July 11 to 14. As part of the programme “Lyon, earth capital 2016” several leading institutions including the musée des Confluences are joining forces to help us rediscover this building material used around the world for thousands of years: exhibitions, conferences, workshops and demonstrations will emphasize the importance of earth in Lyon’s architecture since the Gallo-Roman times, and how it was popularized during the 19th century by architect François Cointeraux.

Programme at the Musée des Confluences

An exhibition entitled “Modern earthen houses” (until July 17), as well as workshops for children and adults, conferences, roundtables and a participatory inventory of earthen architectures (with the help of Anne-Sophie Clémençon of the  EVS lab).
You live or work in an earthen building in Lyon or its outskirts? Take part in this inventory to help further our understanding of this cultural heritage (see links on the right). The current gaps in our knowledge are in part due to the negative image these earthen buildings had throughout history and the challenges of setting up inventories. But as demolitions and inappropriate renovations threaten this precious heritage, it becomes urgent to protect it.