Préférence Photographie #4

Préférence Photographie #4

13 Thursday
Thu, 13/04/2017




Discussion with the writer and photographer Amaury da Cunha

Amaury da Cunha is the guest of the last encounter of the cycle Préference Photographie hosted by Roger-Yves Roche (Lyon 2) and David Gauthier (ENS de Lyon).
Amaury da Cunha, born in Paris in 1976, entered the National School of Photography in Arles (graduating in 2000) after studying Literature. His work oscillates between photography and writing. He has published many critical texts on photography and literature, notably in "The world of books". In 2009, he published his first book of images and texts, "Saccades", with the publisher Yellow Now.
In November 2012, during his first personal exhibition in Paris as part of the "month of photography", supported by Pierre Bergé, Le Caillou Bleu published his work entitled "Après tout". He is also the author of a book co-written with Doris Von Drathen, dedicated to the Visual artist Emmanuel Saulnier, "Condition d'existence", published by Regards, in November 2012. He is currently Photo Editor for the newspaper Le Monde.
This meeting will be held at the end of a master class for students following the training research program "Literature and photography" organized between the ENS of Lyon and the NPHS Arles.

Préférence Photographie is a series of encounters organized by the department of cultural affairs at the ENS de Lyon.



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