Cold atoms and quantum simulation #2

Cold atoms and quantum simulation #2

16 Wednesday
Wed, 16/03/2016
2pm - 5.30pm



Jean Dalibard, Collège de France, will give a conference on the theme "Cold atoms and quantum simulation: from optical networks to topological phases of matter"

This College de France lecture, organized by the FRAMA Physics Federation, will be held over three weeks. It will welcome the physicist Jean Dalibard, researcher at the Kastler Brossel laboratory, professor at the College de France and member of the academy of sciences.
Laser cooling and manipulation of atoms has made specular progress over the past 20 years. We are now able to produce in a lab a new quantum matter, evolving within “potential landscapes” that are controllable and range from plain harmonic traps to three-dimensional periodic networks.
This ultra-cold matter – in the microkelvin range and below – allows researchers to simulate macroscopic quantum phenomena observed in other circumstances, such as superfluidity of liquid helium, superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect. It also paves the way to new situations that impact metrology, with Bloch oscillations, as well as N-body physics, with the Mott transition between a conducting state and an insulating state.
This series of lectures will address some of the key advances of cold atom physics; it will look at the most telling experiences and the theoretical framework that tie it to other fields of statistical physics and condensed matter.
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