COST Program Presentation: European Scientific Cooperation

COST Program Presentation: European Scientific Cooperation

04 Thursday
Thu, 04/07/2024

10:00 pm - 12:00 pm



The Project Engineering Office of ENS de Lyon presents the COST program for the creation and participation in European scientific networks.

With the participation of Bénédicte Charrier, CNRS Research Director at IGFL (ENS de Lyon/CNRS), member of the Scientific Council of the COST Association.

Presentations in English, exchanges in French/English.

What is the COST program ?

The COST program - financed by Horizon Europe's transversal pillar - enables the creation of European and even international networks in all fields of research around scientific and/or technological themes. The networks gather together people from the academic world, companies, public authorities, associations, citizens, and so on.

41 member countries - 153 million budget - 292 actions

Join a consortium of excellence in just a few clicks!

It is possible to join a COST Action already funded, a unique opportunity in Horizon Europe to rapidly integrate a network of scientific excellence.

What is the COST program for ?

Objectives: create networks of excellence, circulation of knowledge, interdisciplinarity, various players (NGOs, companies...); capacity building.
Professional and scientific impact: an asset for scientific careers, international co-publications, success in European projects (ERC...)...

  • Priority 1: promote and disseminate scientific excellence
  • Priority 2: develop interdisciplinary research for disruptive science
  • Priority 3: Support young researchers

Next submission deadline: October 23, 2024.