Linear Logic: interaction, proofs and computation

Linear Logic: interaction, proofs and computation

07 Monday
From Mon, 07/11/2016 to Thu, 10/11/2016



International and interdisciplinary meeting on Linear Logic

Linear logic was introduced 30 years ago and has rapidly become a pivot point between mathematical logic and computer science. This field has diversified into various chapters: proof-nets, categorical semantics, geometry of interaction, game semantics, etc. These chapters have provided many tools and concepts useful in computer science to analyse, understand, control and generalise computational dynamics.
The contribution of linear logic to the logical foundations of computer science has also influenced other fields, e.g. computational linguistics and quantum computing, and it has inspired philosophical investigations around the computational approach to logic. For these reasons the present event aims to gather mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers in order to foster interaction in research on linear logic.
Linear Logic 2016 will be a four-day meeting in Lyon, including three events:
  • Autumn school on linear logic (Nov 7-8) for master and PhD students willing to learn about Linear Logic
  • Workshop 'Linear logic and philosophy' (Nov 8, afternoon)
  • Workshop 'Linear logic, mathematics and computer science' (Nov 9-10)

Supported by: Labex MILYON, GDRI Linear logic (CNRS), ENS de Lyon.