Mobilizing the memory. Reconstruct post-conflict societies: Colombia in perspective

Mobilizing the memory. Reconstruct post-conflict societies: Colombia in perspective

04 Wednesday
From Wed, 04/10/2017 to Thu, 05/10/2017

  • Descartes Campus
  • ENS de Lyon, Descartes AmphitheaterUniversité de Lyon, Grand Amphithéâtre


Individual and collective memory-related issues are of particular importance in societies that have experienced traumatic events such as war (the two World wars, the Algerian War for France) or armed conflict (in Colombia), or even a dictatorship (military dictatorship for Brazil and Argentina). In Colombia, since the Government initiated a negotiation process with one of the world's oldest guerrillas, that of the FARC, the stakes associated with individual and collective memory are crucial. The agreements signed to come out of armed violence represent a fundamental chapter in the writing of a new narrative of the nation, which society, as a whole, must validate.

The Symposium "Mobilizing Memory" on the issues of post-conflict in Colombia will bring together legal specialists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, psychologists and scholars of literary and artistic studies. From 8 conferences and roundtables, leaving ample room for debate, the Colombian case will be put in perspective with the transitional experiences of Argentina, Brazil and France, analyzed and modelled since the creation of the research network "Memoria", in 2013.

The symposium will bring together well-known writers, Colombians and Spaniards, as well as Brazilian researchers (USP, São Paulo) and Argentinians (Team EAAF, Buenos Aires) from the network "Memoria", as part of the year France-Colombia 2017.