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From Mon, 03/04/2023 to Thu, 06/04/2023

  • Universidad Nacional de Educación UNAE


The International Colloquium Neopass©-UNAE-Ecuador 2023 will take place in Chuquipata from April 3 to 6, with the participation of researchers from the French Institute of Education (IFÉ), Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil and Chile, and 10 researchers from the Universidad Nacional de Educacion.

It will present video-training experiences in Ecuador, France and other countries.

The conference aims to build a space for scientific and academic discussion and analysis on the diversity of international experiences in the development, application and adaptation of the Neopass© program in diverse institutional and socio-cultural contexts, to explore the prospects for the development of international collaborative research projects applied to video-training and, in particular, to Higher Education (NeopassSup), and to set up an international network of research-innovation in the field of professional video-training in Education.