Rent Regulation Policies in Europe (1914-2014)

Rent Regulation Policies in Europe (1914-2014)

13 Tuesday
Tue, 13/06/2017
9.30am - 5pm



In reaction to the continuing rise of housing rents, the French government has adopted specific policies (in particular the “loi ALUR” of August, 2015), which reintroduce rent regulation. This measure is not a novelty. It has been used several times in recent history, in particular in reaction to crises: situations of war or recession. It is not a French particularity either.
Confronted with situations of social or economic crises, other European countries have used similar measures. The objective of this seminar is to engage researchers from different countries (France, Great-Britain, Netherlands), and from different academic backgrounds (economics, history, sociology, urban planning) in a debate concerning the emergence, the implementation and the effects of policies of rent regulation.
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Organizing committee: Loïc Bonneval (Centre Max Weber), Florence Goffette-Nagot (Gate), François Robert (Triangle), Roelof Verhage (Triangle)