Teaching the Muslim worlds: languages, histories, societies

Teaching the Muslim worlds: languages, histories, societies

03 Thursday
From Thu, 03/11/2016 to Fri, 04/11/2016



Forum hosted by the scientific interest group Middle East and Muslim worlds

This forum is organized by three Lyon-based laboratories that are part of the scientific interest group (GIS) “Middle East and Muslim Worlds”: CIHAM, LARHRA and Triangle.
This event involves the entire educational community, and aims to extend to the field of education the debate initiated by the White Paper on French studies of the Middle East and Muslim Worlds.

It aims:

  • To bring together secondary school teachers and researchers from all disciplines in North Africa and the Middle East;
  • To assess the state of teaching of languages, history, literature, the arts and Islamic thought across the French educational system;
  • To draw up recommendations to strengthen this teaching, and overcome the hurdles it faces by helping the pedagogical teams claim ownership of researchers’ findings.

The challenge this forum aims to meet is to instill sense and dynamism to the teaching of Muslim worlds and Islamic thought within the republican and secular framework of modern France. The forum will combine scientific findings and didactical workshops led jointly by secondary school teachers and researchers.
Contacts & organisation : Makram Abbès - Frédéric Abécassis - Abbès Zouache