Each year, the CNRS medals celebrate the researchers and officials for their outstanding contributions to the organisation’s vitality and reputation.

  • The gold medal honours the body of research of a renowned scientific figure.
  • The medal of innovation recognises outstanding research in the technological, therapeutic, economic, or societal fields.
  • The medal for scientific mediation rewards agents for their actions, whether one-off or permanent, personal or collective, that enhance science within society.
  • The silver medal is awarded, as their careers take off, to researchers who are already recognised at the national and international levels.
  • The bronze medal is given in recognition of the initial work of a promising researcher in their field.
  • The crystal medal rewards CNRS engineers, technicians, and administrative staff.
  • The collective cristal medal rewards teams of research support staff for their innovative or remarkable collective project.

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2023 Recipients

  • Bronze medal: Édouard Bonnet, CNRS Researcher at LIP
  • Silver medal: Sabine Fourrier, CNRS Research Director at HISOMA
  • Bronze medal: Mathilde Paris, CNRS Researcher at IGFL
  • Silver medal: Hervé Piegay, CNRS Research Director at EVS
  • Bronze medal: Stephan Steinmann, CNRS Researcher at the Chemistry Laboratory