CNRS 2017 Talents: 4 awards for the ENS de Lyon

CNRS 2017 Talents: 4 awards for the ENS de Lyon

Thu, 23/02/2017


Our congratulations go to the winners of the CNRS 2017 Talents: Marie-Claire Villeval, Axelle Dolino-Brodiez, Nathalie Fargier and Henri Chamoux.

4 CNRS Talent Awards were given this year to researchers working in ENS de Lyon's laboratories:

  • The silver medal was awarded to Marie-Claire Villeval, CNRS research director at the GATE (Economic Theory and Analysis Group)
  • The bronze medal went to Axelle Dolino-Brodiez, CNRS research assistant at the LARHRA (Rhône-Alpes Centre for Historical Research)
  • The crystal medal was given to Nathalie Fargier, a specialist at Persée (dissemination Portal of Scientific Publications) notably in electronic documentation, digital libraries and the digitalization of heritage collections
  • The crystal medal was won by Henri Chamoux (LARHRA), inventor of the «Archéophone», a device that reads all formats of phonographic cylinders in wax or celluloid, as they were once produced between 1888 and 1929

An awards ceremony will be held in Lyon in mid-2017.

Silver Medal
Every year, the CNRS silver medal awards new researchers, who are already known on a national and international level for the originality, quality and significance of their work.

Medal of Crystal
The CNRS crystal medal awards engineers, technicians and administrators and recognises those who, through their creativity, technical mastery and sense of innovation, contribute alongside researchers to the advancement of knowledge and the excellence of French research.