Mentoring Charter

Mentoring Charter

Tue, 15/06/2021


Since May 19, 2021, the ENS de Lyon proposes a mentoring system supported by a charter.

Since May 19, 2021, the ENS de Lyon proposes - to research fellows or lecturers; to more experienced persons newly arrived at the laboratory; and to teacher-researchers or post-doctoral researchers under contract - a mentoring scheme supported by a charter.

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The mentoring charter responds to two main principles required by the European Charter for Researchers as part of the HRS4R (Human resources strategy for researchers) label:

Career development

Employers and/or funders of researchers should draw up, preferably within the framework of their human resources management, a specific career development strategy for researchers at all stages of their career, regardless of their contractual situation, including for researchers on fixed-term contracts. It should include the availability of mentors involved in providing support and guidance for the personal and professional development of researchers, thus motivating them and contributing to reducing any insecurity in their professional future. All researchers should be made familiar with such provisions and arrangements.

Supervision and managerial duties

Senior researchers should devote particular attention to their multi-faceted role as supervisors, mentors, career advisors, leaders, project coordinators, managers or science communicators. They should perform these tasks to the highest professional standards. With regard to their role as supervisors or mentors of researchers, senior researchers should build up a constructive and positive relationship with the early-stage researchers, in order to set the conditions for efficient transfer of knowledge and for the further successful development of the researchers’ careers.