Motion to support Pinar Selek

Motion to support Pinar Selek

Wed, 15/03/2023


The Administrative Council of ENS de Lyon unanimously approves the motion of support to Pinar Selek.

At its plenary session on March 13, 2023, the Administrative Council of the ENS de Lyon unanimously approved the motion of support to Pinar Selek:

The members of the Administrative Council affirm their unconditional support to their colleague Pinar Selek, Associate Professor in Sociology (Université Côte d'Azur / Urmis) and Doctor Honoris Causa of the ENS de Lyon. Pinar Selek has been relentlessly persecuted for twenty-five years in Turkey because of her research. She has been unjustly and heinously accused, convicted and imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Four acquittals have been issued by the Turkish judiciary, but the Supreme Court of Turkey recently overturned the 4th acquittal issued on December 19, 2014 by the Istanbul Criminal Court. A hearing of this Criminal Court will be held on March 31. Therefore, the members of the Administrative Council of the ENS de Lyon stand in solidarity with the delegations of personalities going to Turkey on March 31 to support Pinar Selek and join the mobilization collectives around her so that the legal and political persecution she has been suffering for 25 years ceases.

Sociologist, writer and feminist human rights activist Pinar Selek lives as a refugee in France, where she obtained French citizenship in 2017. In 2013, the ENS of Lyon honored her work by awarding her the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa. See the portrait made on the occasion of her DHC.
Accused of terrorism and arrested in 1998, she has already been acquitted four times. The Supreme Court of Turkey announced once again, on June 21, 2022, the cancellation of her acquittal.