Support for student and academic communities from Ukraine

Support for student and academic communities from Ukraine

Tue, 22/03/2022


March 22, 2022.  Message from Jean-François Pinton to the ENS de Lyon communities

Dear all,

Since February 24, nearly 10 million Ukrainians have had to flee their homes. Every day, thousands of them are coming to France, in search of asylum. The temporary protection status that can be granted to them in an emergency, allows them to have a residence permit for up to 3 years, to be able to work and benefit from social security coverage.

I know that some of us are already committed, as individuals, to helping colleagues and their families who have been forced to flee Ukraine, or the areas affected by the conflict.

This surge of solidarity is of course shared by many higher education and research institutions in France. It is essential that the academic community provides support to students and teacher-researchers from Ukraine, as by doing so, we are defending academic freedom and access to education, the very foundations of our institutions. This is the reason why ENS de Lyon is committed to emergency and continuous solidarity assistance.

In terms of emergency aid, we have opened 5 places for student internships in research laboratories and have subscribed to the Emergency PAUSE Program for Ukraine. PAUSE stands for “Programme national d’Accueil en Urgence des  Scientifiques et Artistes” which translates as “National Emergency Assistance for Scientists & Artists in Exile.”

For the start of the 2022 academic year, we will also provide host procedures for the duration of the following academic year: 4 master's scholarships of €1,000/month and 2 doctoral scholarships. Teacher-researcher colleagues can apply as part of the Standard PAUSE program, open to any teacher-researcher or artist whose safety is threatened in their country.

The Directorate of International Affairs (DAI) is in close contact with the Université de Lyon, which coordinates the relations of the sites' institutions with all the stakeholders involved in welcoming and helping Ukrainians: the Prefecture, City of Lyon, the Crous, the regional student welfare office, in addition to various charities.

You can find regularly updated information on the page. Do not hesitate to consult the latest news, on both the international and the French websites.

This page contains links for those who would like to help. You can also make inquiries on the dedicated page on the City of Lyon’s website.

Yours sincerely

Jean-François PINTON
President of ENS de Lyon