4MOST: integration of the two spectrographs finalized

4MOST: integration of the two spectrographs finalized

Mon, 06/02/2023


Teams of the Lyon Astrophysics Research Center have finalized the reintegration in Germany of two spectrographs of the 4MOST instrument, intended to equip the VISTA telescope of the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

Last December, a new step has been reached in the realization of the instrument with the final integration of these spectrographs (called Low Resolution Spectrograph or LRS) in Germany, a key step before their transport to the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The two LRS are the result of the involvement of a team of 12 engineers, technicians and researchers from CRAL. They are at the heart of the 4MOST project, providing high-resolution spectral observations over a very wide band (from ultraviolet to infrared) and simultaneously on more than 1600 astrophysical sources. These capabilities will make VISTA the largest telescope in the world dedicated to large astronomical surveys.

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Photo credits : CRAL

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