Atsushi Omura, visiting professor at IAO

Atsushi Omura, visiting professor at IAO

Mon, 18/09/2023


Professor of Civil Law at Gakushin University and Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, Japan
Visiting Professor 2023-24 - September 1st to 30, 2023
Inviting Professor: Béatrice Jaluzot


大村敦志 (Atsushi OMURA), a leading Japanese civil law scholar, is the author of a Treatise on Fundamental Civil Law, several textbooks and some twenty monographs and essays. Professor OMURA also chairs the Japanese Family Law Reform Commission, the Franco-Japanese Society of Legal Science and the Japanese group of the Henri CAPITANT Association of Friends of French Legal Culture.

His knowledge of the French language has enabled him to publish numerous articles in journals and collective works in France to promote Japanese law, and to publish several works in Japan to share his knowledge of French law. Professor Atsushi OMURA has taught at universities all over the world, and in particular at the Paris-Panthéon-Assas University.

Collaboration with the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO)

Professor Omura's visit is in line with the work carried out at the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies on institutions and contemporary society in Asia. His visit to Lyon is also part of the partnership between ENS de Lyon and the University of Tokyo.

His presence at the IAO will enable further research into Franco-Japanese comparative law, with a legal history dimension. In particular, he will contribute to the research being carried out on the history of legal relations between France and Japan, a subject on which several of the laboratory's researchers are working, including Akihiko Tsujimura, a long-term visiting professor at the IAO.

Lecture topics include intellectual history and Franco-Japanese academic exchanges in the early 20th century.

Major works

In European languages

  • "Le rôle de la doctrine dans la réforme du droit. La réforme du droit des obligations au Japon, échec ou succès ?", in Jaluzot, B. (dir.) Droit japonais, droit français, quelle réforme ? Zeitchrift für Japanische Recht, Sonderheft 13, 2020.
  • "La réforme du droit des obligations au Japon", in Jaluzot, B. (dir.) Droit japonais, droit français, quel dialogue ?, 2014.

In Japanese

  • Droit civil au Japon après la réforme judiciaire, Yuhikaku, 2019.
  • Droit civil au Japon fin de siècle, Yuhikaku, 1999
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