CNRS Silver Medal for Patrick Flandrin

CNRS Silver Medal for Patrick Flandrin

Wed, 01/09/2010

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CNRS Silver Medal

A member of the SiSyPhe research team within the physics laboratory of the ENS de Lyon, Patrick Flandrin investigates the signal in the lab and photography in his private life (why not visit his personal page to see his magnificent black and white photos).

The spirit of the SiSyPhe team is to be found in the interaction between the analysis of experimental signals taken from real experiments and the development of theoretical solutions to problems of data analysis and signal processing, defined by the confrontation with experimental data, according to the physics laboratory website.
In 2009, Patrick Flandrin was promoted to the rank of Fellow of the European Association of Signal Processing EURASIP for contributions to time-frequency and non stationary signal analysis. He has just been awarded the CNRS Silver Medal (as well as the mathematician Alice Guionnet, see article).
Patrick Flandrin researches methods for the representation of signals devoted to highly varied real situations (acoustics, mechanics, biomedical science, etc.) for which standard Fourier spectral analysis is insufficient.
He aims to provide a precise mathematical framework for these non stationary methods (particularly "time-frequency" approaches which, by analogy with musical notation, can be seen as a mathematical stave), to enable a simple physical interpretation of these approaches and to link them to efficient calculation algorithms.
Patrick Flandrin's personal page