Dennis Meadows: a day of discussions on the limits to growth

Dennis Meadows: a day of discussions on the limits to growth

Fri, 09/09/2022


On the 50th anniversary of the Meadows report, ENS de Lyon is particularly honored to welcome Dennis Meadows.

On 19 September, ENS de Lyon will welcome Dennis Meadows, co-editor of The Limits to Growth report written exactly 50 years ago. His alarming predictions launched the first global discussion about the dangers of unlimited economic growth. So, where are we today? Dennis Meadows' visit to our School is a great opportunity to hear this pioneering voice share his knowledge and perspectives with us.
Jean Jouzel, who in February 2022, submitted a report to our supervisory board entitled Raising awareness and training on the challenges of ecological transition and sustainable development in higher education, will also be present at ENS de Lyon.

The day’s program includes:

Time to talk with students

From 12:30pm to 1:45pm, in the Biology auditorium on the Monod site, subject to availability.
(a replay in the auditorium known as Amphi G will be organized).

  • The future, how to deal with socio-ecological change, and how to teach it. Presentation of the Playbook developed by Dennis Meadows on climate change.
  • The personal experience of Dennis Meadows who, as a scientist, established relationships with stakeholders (politicians, companies...).

In addition to the debate, there will be a discussion with Élodie Vieille Blanchard, a science historian who studied The Limits to Growth report for her PhD. She will provide some historical context and analyze the effects (or lack thereof) of the report. She is now President of the French Association of Vegetarians and will be happy to exchange with students on the current commitments needed to reorganize the global dynamic.

Scientific discussions

In the same auditorium, from 2:15pm to 4:30pm, there will be scientific discussions open to teachers and researchers, subject to availability.

Dennis Meadows will present his models to launch discussions on the role of modelling in understanding or predicting systemic change. Élodie Vieille Blanchard will also be present to look at the debates from a historical perspective.

Dennis Meadows would like to receive a few questions from you before these two discussions, to give the best possible answers.
You can send them to pablo.jensen [at] (Pablo Jensen), preferably in English, with the subject line: Meadows questions.

A DHC ceremony, a conference and a round table discussion

At the Mérieux auditorium, at 6 p.m., open to all, subject to availability.

1. Ceremony for the award of an honorary doctorate to Dennis Meadows
Praise by Olivier Hamant (Director of Research, member of the RDP).

2. Lecture by Dennis Meadows: Beyond the Limits to Growth
With 50 years of hindsight since the presentation of The Limits to Growth report to the Club of Rome, what have we learned? Faced with multiple social and ecological challenges, what could be a possible trajectory for humanity in the 21st century? With the model of infinite growth at its limits, is a course of resilience capable of enabling a more optimistic future on a human scale?

3. Roundtable: How to prepare our students to face the climate and environmental emergency?
Participants: Dennis Meadows, Jean Jouzel, Emmanuelle Boulineau (Vice-President Studies at ENS de Lyon), Gabriele Fioni (Rector Delegate for Higher Education,
Research and Innovation), Zoé Reverdy, (student at ENS de Lyon)
Animation by Yves Sciama (science journalist)
Followed by an exchange with the public

This event is now fully booked. If you are unable to attend, please unsubscribe to free up places for the many people who are on the waiting list.
The event will be filmed to be replayed on the ENS de Lyon website.  
Language of the event: English with French subtitles