ENS-IISER partnership - Indian students' testimonies on their internships

ENS-IISER partnership - Indian students' testimonies on their internships

Wed, 08/03/2023


Ashley Suraj Hermon, Megha Jacob and Deevitha Balasubramanian, IISER students, have completed their internships at ENS de Lyon.

Over the years, ENS de Lyon has adually increased its links with several prominent Indian Higher Education Institutions. In this perspective ENS de Lyon has taken the lead in the creation of a partnership between the Écoles normales supérieures in France and the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) in India.

In 2018 the ENS-IISER network implemented a framework agreement allowing their institutions to collaborate on different levels, including research internships. An exchange program has been established for master level students in research wishing to complete an internship abroad.

Ashley Suraj Hermon, IISER Bhopal's student in Biological Sciences, has completed his two month internship at the IGFL in mid-2022. Megha Jacob and Deevitha Balasubramanian, graduate students in biology at IISER Tirupati, to apply for a 6-month internship at ENS de Lyon in 2021, respectively at LBMC and IGFL.

They give us their feedback of these enriching experiences.

I heard about the joint program between my institution and ENS de Lyon which offered internship in biology, more specifically my field of research, developmental biology, so I chose to apply.
This internship was a good experience for me. I acquired a lot of essential skills needed to really plan out my experiments beforehand and execute them in a timely manner.

Discover Ashley Suraj Hermon's feedback on hir internship at IGFL

It was a very nice opportunity, I really enjoyed the internship lab, the people and the facilities. Overall it was a very good experience. (Megha)

I wanted to experience new technics and knowledge in another country. I got to explore and acquire new skills in a cosmopolite environment, it was a good experience for my personal career. (Deevitha)

Megha Jacob and Deevitha Balasubramanian's internships, seen by themselves and their tutors


Intern students photo
IISER's students at ENS de Lyon, as part of the ENS-IISER internship program