Handbook of Post-Western Sociology: From East Asia to Europe

Handbook of Post-Western Sociology: From East Asia to Europe

Mon, 03/04/2023


By Laurence Roulleau-Berger, research director at the CNRS, Triangle laboratory.

book coverSeries: Post-Western Social Sciences and Global Knowledge, Volume: 05

Volume Editors: Laurence Roulleau-Berger, Peilin Li, Seung Kuk Kim, Shujiro Yasawa


Beyond hegemonic thoughts, the Post-Western sociology enables a new dialogue between East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) and Europe on common and local knowledge to consider theoretical continuities and discontinuities, to develop transnational methodological spaces, and co-produce creolized concepts. With this new paradigm in social sciences we introduce the multiplication of epistemic autonomies vis-à-vis Western hegemony and new theoretical assemblages between East-Asia and European sociologies. From this ecology of knowledge this groundbreaking contribution is to coproduce a post-Western space in a cross-pollination process where “Western” and “non-Western” knowledge do interact, articulated through cosmovisions, as well as to coproduce transnational fieldwork practices.


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