Kristine Lund, Fellow of the International Society of Learning Sciences

Kristine Lund, Fellow of the International Society of Learning Sciences

Tue, 02/03/2021

Honors and awards

She receives this honor is in recognition of her substantial contributions to the learning sciences.

ISLS Fellows program

The ISLS Fellows program recognizes those who have made major contributions to the field of the Learning Sciences since its inception nearly three decades ago. These individuals are each highly accomplished scholars and community members who will continue to serve in critical roles for the society in the future through their continued leadership and mentorship activities.

his honor is in recognition of your substantial contributions to the learning sciences.  The induction of ISLS fellows will take place at the 2020 meeting of the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) in Nashville, TN, USA from June 19-23. We look forward to seeing you there as you join the ranks of ISLS fellows.

Kristine Lund

Kristine Lund’s research is driven by her interest in diverse perspectives on collaboration and learning for individuals, groups, and communities. She has studied argumentation and explanation as mechanisms for individual and collaborative knowledge construction from perspectives of learning sciences, psycholinguistics, and physics didactics, focusing respectively on socio-affective-cognitive conflicts, pragmatic competence, and embodied meaning-making. Her work on communities focuses on collaboration in science and the interdisciplinarity of research on education. Observing how an object of interest changes nature, depending on the vantage point from which it is studied led her to facilitate theoretical and methodological integration of team research on human interaction. She now directs the French laboratory of excellence ASLAN - Advanced Studies on Language Complexity.

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