Mechanical Shielding in Plant Nuclei

Mechanical Shielding in Plant Nuclei

Fri, 24/04/2020


Publication by RDP in Current Biology in April 2020.

Researchers unravel the nuclearresponse to hyperosmotic stress inplants. Nuclear shrinking and stiffeningcorrelate with high expression levels oftouch response genes. The functionalanalysis of the GIP/MZT1 proteins revealsa role of nuclear envelope factors in thisresponse and may help us to betterunderstand how plants resist drought.

Source : Mechanical shielding in plant nuclei, R. Goswami, A. Asnacios, P. Milani, S. Graindorge, G. Houlné, J. Mutterer, O. Hamant,M.E. Chabouté. Current Biology (avril 2020)