Patrick Leroux, visiting professor at IHRIM and CERCC

Patrick Leroux, visiting professor at IHRIM and CERCC

Fri, 01/04/2022


Visiting Professor 2021-22 - Concordia University
Inviting Professors : Anne Pellois, Sophie Lemercier-Goddard, (IHRIM) and Layla Roesler (CERCC)


Director and theater author Louis Patrick Leroux is a professor of Creative Writing in the Department of English, Literature and Quebec Culture in the Department of French Studies at Concordia University and a professor of History and Aesthetics of the Performing Arts at the National Circus School in Montreal. He is trained in theater, more specifically in dramaturgical analysis and stage direction. Initially interested in the analysis of the discourse and practices of theater teaching, he has been drawn to the contemporary circus for over a decade. He has given numerous conferences on the contemporary circus, while working with Quebec companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Les 7 doigts de la main.
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Collaboration with the Institute of History of Representations and Ideas in Modernities (IHRIM) and the Center fo Comparative Studies ans Research on the Creative Arts (CERCC)

As a specialist in performing arts and in particular in the circus, Patrick Leroux proposes to engage in a scientific and synchronic dialogue with Anne Pellois, specialist in the history and theory of acting, with Sophie Lemercier-Goddard, specialist in English literature of the Renaissance and Shakespeare, with Layla Roesler, specialist in collaborative translation and innovative pedagogical practices, and their students. Leroux's expertise on Quebec theater will be the subject of a conference and meetings on issues of cultural transfer, polyglossia and translation (self-translation and translation in theater). His work on translation has made it possible to program a workshop on poetic translation for students.
Patrick Leroux has also met with David Gauthier, head of the cultural service, and has participated in the MAC-SUP project developed at the MAC in Lyon in partnership with the ENS de Lyon; he has taken part in several seminars organized by Anne Pellois; he has also received several doctoral students in Anglophone studies.


During his visit to the ENS, Professor Leroux will offer two lectures (in French) and a short creative workshop (in French and English) in connection with one of the lectures

- 30 mars : Le cirque québécois à l'épreuve de son récit (in French)

- 31 mars :  Méthodologies évolutives et gestion des données en recherche-création (in French)

- 5-7 avril  : Workshop: Translations, dissimulations and resonant responses (French and English)

Major works and publications

  • Contemporary Circus, co-authored with Katie Lavers and Jon Burtt, London: Routledge. 2019.
  • Cirque Global: Québec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries, edited with Charles Batson. Edited collection (multiple authors). McGill-Queen’s University Press. May 2016.
  • Le jeu des positions. Discours du théâtre québécois, edited with Hervé Guay. Nine authors, Québec: Nota Bene, « Séminaires », 2014.