Peter Bing, visiting professor at HISOMA

Peter Bing, visiting professor at HISOMA

Fri, 01/04/2022


Professor of Ancient Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto
Visiting Professor 2021-22, February 28 to April 14, 2022
Inviting professor : Christophe Cusset


Peter Bing is currently Professor of Ancient Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto, Canada, and is a distinguished philologist specializing in Greek literature, particularly Hellenistic poetry. Peter Bing's research focuses on the epigram type and its influence on narrative literature.

Collaboration with HISOMA laboratory

The stay of Peter Bing at HiSoMA should also allow us to consider the development of the international review Aitia (ENS éditions) and to begin the organization of a large international colloquium on Apollonius of Rhodes in the near future at ENS de Lyon. The invitation of Peter Bing will also allow us to develop the partnership with the Canadian University of Toronto and to integrate him into the international research group made up of ENS de Lyon, the University of Rome 3 (Italy) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands) in view of the constitution of an International Research Network (ex-GDRI of CNRS) of which HiSoMA could be the carrier.

A meeting with the International Affairs of ENS de Lyon was organized on March 28 to consider strengthening exchanges between ENS de Lyon and the University of Toronto; these exchanges could concern classical and medieval studies.


The lectures will be done in French

- March 14: Les épigrammes enchâssées dans le corpus callimachéen
- March 21: D'autres épigrammes enchâssées dans le corpus callimachéen
- March 28: La mort de l’auteur : les deux enterrements d’Hésiode dans les épigrammes de Mnasalkès (AP 7.54 = 18 GP) et d’Alcée (AP 7.55 = 12 GP) et dans la tradition biographique

Participation in the C. Cusset seminar "Les voix féminines dans le chant 3 des Argonautiques d’Apollonios de Rhodes" on February 28 and March 7, and in the intervention of Evelyne Prioux (Research Director at CNRS – Paris Ouest Nanterre) "Les portraits féminins dans la poésie et l'art du début de la période hellénistique" on April 11 avril .

Major works and publications

  • "Anachronism as Metalepsis in Ancient Greek Literature", in S. Matzner and G. Trimble (Eds.), Breaking and Entering: Metalepsis in Classical Literature (Oxford University Press 2020) 99-118
  •  "Ecphrasis and Iconoclasm: Palladas’ Epigrams on Statues" in M. Kanellou, I. Petrovic, and C. Carey (Eds.), Greek Epigram from the Hellenistic to the Early Byzantine Era (Oxford 2019) 324-338
  • Aristaenetus: Erotic Letters. Introduced, Translated and Annotated. With Regina Höschele (Society of Biblical Literature 2014) XXXVI + 147
  • The Scroll and The Marble: Studies in Reading and Reception in Hellenistic Poetry (Ann Arbor 2009)
  • The Well-Read Muse. Present and Past in Callimachus and the Hellenistic Poets, Hypomnemata 90 (Göttingen, 1988) 163pp.; 2nd ed. (Ann Arbor, 2008)


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