Work and migration: Chinese young people in Shanghai and Paris

Work and migration: Chinese young people in Shanghai and Paris

Wed, 31/05/2017


Publication by Laurence Roulleau-Berger and Yan Jun

China's strong economic and urban development over the past thirty years can be likened to a "societal crossroads" where the figure of the young migrant becomes central. The intensification of internal and international migration as well as the "enchantment" of global cities have jostled the processes of family, school, urban and professional socialization of young qualified Chinese and Franco-Chinese migrants. These young people have taken on board the idea of embodying the "heroes" of the new Chinese and global society, fascinated by the cult of success and excellence ... The latest work from the sociologist Laurence Roulleau-Berger, co-authored with Yan Jun, has just been published by Aube under the title "Work and Migration: Chinese young people in Shanghai and Paris".
This work is the result of a collaborative Sino-French scientific cooperation between the CNRS and the University of Shanghai as part of a CMIRA research programme funded by the Rhône-Alpes region from 2012 to 2015.
The research team, led by Laurence Roulleau-Berger, DR CNRS at the Laboratory Triangle ENS de Lyon, was composed of: Zhen Zhihong, MCF and Yan Jun, assistant professor of the University of Shanghai, doctoral students Marie Bellot, Victor Rémy, and Su Liang; Post-doctoral fellows Grégory Giraudo, Rozenn Bahuaud and Liu Ziqin; ISH statisticians Sofiane Bouzi and Céline Faure; Su Liang, PhD student and Liu Yong Master’s 2, from the University of Shanghai, and Jiang Yin, Gao Zijun, Lin Zheng, Ni Anni and Sun Tihui, Master’s 2 from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.



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