Yves Gingras, visiting professor at the Laboratoire de l'Éducation

Yves Gingras, visiting professor at the Laboratoire de l'Éducation

Fri, 01/04/2022


Visiting Professor 2021-22 - Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Inviting professor : Emmanuelle Picard


Yves Gingras is an internationally recognized researcher in the history and sociology of science, drawing on both in-depth historical surveys and the analysis of scientometric data.
He has worked on the history of scientific disciplines (notably physics and molecular biology), the internationalization of science, the spatial distribution of research activities on a global scale, and the construction and (mis)use of bibliometric indicators in research evaluation.
Personal page: yvesgingras.uqam.ca

Collaboration with the Laboratoire de l'Éducation - LLE

Research on higher education is one of the privileged themes of the Laboratoire de l'Éducation, specifically on the academic profession, its history and its modes of regulation and practice in a context of rapid transformation. The proposed project aims to conduct a comparative analysis of the transformations of the academic profession in different countries, in a general context of convergence of norms and practices at the international level supported by the establishment of rankings.
The aim is to compare the way in which the Canadian system on one hand, and the French system on the other, deal with the issue of tenure at the career entry stages and the transition to the professoriate, i.e. for France, entry into the corps of Maître de Conférences and Professors, and for Canada, access to the positions of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor. The two higher education systems manage these professional procedures in different ways. However, both systems use the same set of criteria to measure the professional quality of candidates.


The lectures will be done in French

- April 7 - Anatomie des classements : Shanghaï et ses suites

- April 12 - upcoming information

- April 19 - Bibliométrie et évaluation de la recherche : usages et mésusages des indicateurs bibliométriques

Major works and publications

  • GINGRAS, Yves, Sociologie des sciences, Paris, PUF, 2013, 128 p., coll. « Que sais-je ? ». Traduction russe (2017). Traduction arabe en cours.
  • GINGRAS, Yves, L'impossible dialogue. Sciences et religions, Montréal : Boréal, 2016, 352 p. Version anglaise : Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue, Cambridge : Polity Press, 2017, 272 p. Traductions chinoise (2020) et traduction croate en cours.
  • Réale, D, M. Khelfaoui, P.-O. Montiglio, Y. GINGRAS, « Mapping the dynamics of research networks in ecology and evolution using co-citation analysis (1975–2014) », Scientometrics, vol. 122 (2020), pp. 1361– 1385.
  • Khelfaoui, M., J. Larrègue, V. Larivière, Y. GINGRAS. « Measuring national self-referencing patterns of major science producers », Scientometrics, vol. 123 (2020), pp. 979-996.


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