Cultural facilities and activities


All year long, students and staff can participate to several cultural activities (photography, theater, dance, music, drawing...) as well as benefit from the school's facilities such as the theater or the gallery and other exhibition rooms.

Kantor Theater

Kantor Theater

The Kantor Theater is both a theater and a school, reflecting what makes the ENS de Lyon special.

Artemisia Gallery

Artemisia gallery

The Artemisia gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary art and photography.

Dutilleux Room

Salle Dutilleux

This music room with two excellent pianos bears the name of late French composer Henri Dutilleux.

Other cultural facilities

  • The Diderot  Library Hall hosts several exhibitions each year related to its collections.
  • Many conferences and meetings with artists take place in the Descartes Amphitheater.
  • The Felix Pecaut Forum (Descartes Campus) and the Gallery "La Verrière" (Monod Campus) are used occasionnally as exhibition halls.
  • The art studio, the photo lab, the recording studio and editing rooms are also avaible for students.

Training for the photo lab

ENplaStik offers photography courses to learn basic shooting and printing techniques in the photo lab, which features a digital processing lab and a darkroom for traditional film photos (black & white and color).

Drawing and fine arts workshop

The art studio welcomes painters, designers, sculpters and professionals of other disciplines selected by the ENplaStik student club.

Film-making workshops

With the Champ Libre student club, you can take a course on film shooting and editing techniques and participate to the "Week-end Films" events. During these workshops organised several times per year, students write and shoot their own film with professionnal equipment lent by the shool.

Theater workshops

"La Vieille Branche" is a theater company opened to all students. With the assistance of professionnals, 2 shows are produced per year and played in the Kantor Thearter as part of the ENScène student club's s program.

Dance workshops

Incidences, the school's dance company, welcomes beginners as well as experienced dancers who wish to participate to the creation of a dance performance, from the music choice to the show organisation.