"Résonance végétale" with the Cucurbital Orchestra

"Résonance végétale" with the Cucurbital Orchestra

14 Saturday
Sat, 14/10/2017

17h and 20h


Music creation by Xu Yi, for the Cucurbital Orchestra, video and electronic device spatialized in multi-tracks. This show combines music, played on music instruments made of cucurbits, dance, video, nature and science.
Scientific data, such as DNA, have served as a matrix for this artistic creation, which expresses the conflicts between life and product, and goes beyond the nature-culture opposition through the multiple dimensions of the Anthropocene.
First Chinese composer at the Villa Medicis (1996-98) Xu Yi was professor of composition at the Conservatoire de Cergy-Pontoise and then at the Conservatoire de Shanghai. She currently lives in Lyon in France and regularly composes for major international ensembles.
A specical event during the Fête de la Science, in partnership with the Plants Reproduction and Developpement Laboratory (RDP), the ENS de Lyon, l'Orchestre cucurbital et le Collectif de recherche Anthropocène de l'ENS de Lyon

Free entrance. No registration required. 
Two performances : at 5 pm and 8 pm, saturday October 14th.