5th Congress of Middle Eastern and Muslim Studies

5th Congress of Middle Eastern and Muslim Studies

10 Monday
From Mon, 10/07/2023 to Thu, 13/07/2023


Price : Free for students, PhD students: €10, employees: €30

For its fifth edition, the GIS "Moyen-Orient et mondes musulmans (MOMM - Middle East and Muslim Worlds) will hold its Congress at Lyon 2 University, on Monday July 10, Tuesday July 11, Wednesday July 12 and Thursday July 13, 2023.

The proposed themes may cover one or more fields of the humanities and social sciences (anthropology, archaeology and art history, law, economics, geography, history, Islamology and religious sciences, linguistics, literature, philosophy, sociology, political science), from a global or regional, comparative or connected perspective. As in previous years, the Congress is an invitation to transcend disciplinary and institutional boundaries, bringing together contributors from diverse backgrounds, working in France and all over the world.


poster of the screeningLe ciel pleura quarante jours

A documentary movie, Le ciel pleura quarante jours (62 min), by Sabrina Mervin, will be shown at the Kantor Theatre, on Wednesday July 12 at 8:30pm (subject to availability).