Blood in the South, a tribute to Saúl Ibargoyen

Blood in the South, a tribute to Saúl Ibargoyen

15 Friday
Fri, 15/11/2019

9am - 5pm



Blood in the South (Sangre en el Sur) is the title of Saúl Ibargoyen's latest novel translated by the Hispanic Translation Workshop at ENS in Lyon. In a striking testimony, a man recounts his life as a communist activist who was hunted down, arrested and tortured during the dictatorship that devastated Uruguay (1973-1985). The novel was published by PUL, in a bilingual edition, in 2018 and to mark this event, which was darkened in the meantime by the death in January 2019 of the great Uruguayan writer and poet Ibargoyen, the ATH is organizing a study day in which the writer, translators, members of associations for the memory of victims and researchers specializing in his work will participate closely.

Study day organized by the Hispanic Translation Atelier of ENS of Lyon.

In partnership with CERCC and LLCE department and with the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.


Norah Giraldi Dei Cas, Marián Durán, Cecilia González Scavino, Raúl Caplán, Lauriane Bouvet and Philippe Dessommes.