Extreme Optics with Zero Refractive Index

Extreme Optics with Zero Refractive Index

27 Monday
Mon, 27/05/2019


  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • Amphithéâtre Dirac - Bâtiment Dirac

    4 rue Enrico Fermi

    69100 Villeurbanne Lyon


The André Marie Ampère Research Federation (FRAMA) and the French Physical Society (SFP) invite Éric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics & Applied Physics, University of Harvard (USA), former president of the Optical Society (OSA) for a conference on: "Extreme Optics with Zero Refractive Index".

Nanotechnology has enabled the development of nanostructured composite materials (metamaterials) with exotic optical properties not found in nature. In the most extreme case, we can create materials which support light waves that propagate with infinite phase velocity, corresponding to a refractive index of zero. This zero index can only be achieved by simultaneously controlling the electric and magnetic resonances of the nanostructure. We present an in-plane metamaterial design consisting of silicon pillar arrays, embedded within a polymer matrix and sandwiched between gold layers. Using an integrated nano-scale prism constructed of the proposed material, we demonstrateunambiguouslya refractive index of zero in the optical regime. This design serves as a novel on-chip platform to explore the exotic physics of zero-index metamaterials, with applications to super-coupling, integrated quantum optics, and phase matching.


Éric Mazur