Love is blind?

12 Monday
From Mon, 12/02/2024 to Tue, 13/02/2024



Love, media and popular culture from 1950 to present day

From Hollywood cinema and popular music to romance literature, from TV series and reality shows to digital media, love has been at the heart of "mass culture" since the 20th century. Whether portraying it in an idealized way or describing the suffering that results from its presence or absence, love is a favored theme of the cultural industries because of its supposedly universal and a-historical character.

The aim of this symposium will be to draw up and update the current state of research on the links between love and culture, using a wide range of objects: podcasts, films, TV series and programs, novels, songs, video games, etc., along the following lines: Representations of love: between reiteration and subversion; Learning about love: sentimental education and popular cultures; Sexism and violence in the media and popular cultures; Appropriations, misappropriations and resignifications in the media and popular cultures.




For those unable to attend but wishing to follow the presentations remotely, please register via the online form. A link to the videoconference will be sent to you shortly before the conference.