Materials in the Anthropocene

Materials in the Anthropocene

01 Monday
From Mon, 01/07/2024 to Tue, 02/07/2024


For several decades now, Earth sciences have been highlighting the colossal disruptions caused by mass productivism on a global scale. Faced with this implacable diagnosis, numerous techno-scientific promises of varying degrees of credibility have emerged, ranging from industrial ecology to carbon neutrality.

However, these promises seem to overlook a central aspect of anthropocenic metabolisms: materials themselves. And yet, materials are major players in the Anthropocene. On the one hand, some of them (plastics, concrete, alloys, rare earths...) are key factors in its advent; on the other, new materials could play an important role in a post-Anthropocene bifurcation.

Hence the aim of this international symposium: to rethink materials in the age of the Anthropocene. To achieve this, it brings together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds: philosophy, history, economics, materials science, biology and design.

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  • Pierre de Jouvancourt
  • Sacha Loeve
  • and many other speakers