Sociologies in dialogue and Post-Western Theory

Sociologies in dialogue and Post-Western Theory

10 Friday
From Fri, 10/03/2023 to Wed, 22/03/2023



Series of seminars, workshop and conference

As part of the work on Post-Western Theory that gave rise in 2013 to the International Advanced Laboratory (IAL) Post-Western Sociology between China and France, directed by Laurence Roulleau Berger, and renewed in 2017, ENS de Lyon is hosting, from March 10 to 22, 2023, Daishiro Nomiya, professor of sociology at Chu University, Tokyo, vice-president of the East Asian Socialogical Association (EASA), and Sari Hanafi, professor of sociology at the American University of Beirut, president of the International Sociological Association (ISA). This is the first time that the ENS de Lyon receives the president of the ISA.

Over the past twenty years, the social sciences born in the Western world have lost their hegemony. We are in the midst of a global shift in the history of science. Dialogues are taking place between "Western" and "non-Western" social sciences. A decisive moment for the future of social sciences and humanity

Laurence Roulleau-Berger


The program proposes four meetings, with a series of workshop, seminars and conference that are resolutely multidisciplinary and international, with the participation of teacher-researchers from Triangle laboratory, the Center Max Weber and the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies. The aim of these meetings is to open a space for discussion on the internationalization of sociology.


The IAL Post-Western Sociology between China and France (Triangle/Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) has produced a non-hegemonic sociology through the confrontation of paradigms and field sciences in a global context of acceleration and circulation of knowledge. We have first privileged the crossing of views between Chinese and French researchers on the traditions and scientific controversies in French and Chinese sociologies. Eminent Japanese - such as Professor Shujiro Yazawa and Professor Dai Nomiya - and Korean scientists now participate in IAL's academic activities. The Handbook of Post-Western Sociology. From East Asia to Europe, co-edited by L. Roulleau-Berger, Li Peilin, Kim Seung-Kuk, Shujiro Yazawa will be published in March 2023 by Brill Publishers. Professor Dai Nomiya contributed to this Handbook.