What policy/what politics (should we pursue) for the climate?

What policy/what politics (should we pursue) for the climate?

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Sat, 30/01/2021




In a period when the ecological question seems urgent and pressing to the point of seeing the awakening of an increasingly generalized awareness, is the ecological fight "sacred"? Should we germinate the idea in a concrete and profound way, through an evolutionary and educational debate, or do we need a forceful passage and above all what actions ecology requires; urgent action or on the contrary a longer-term strategy and providing for a new model of society in depth. Should ecology be a dressing, an urgent action that tries to repair, or the dawn of a real "new world", which proposes general changes, encourages the development of new responsible technologies and leads progress to the service of new "green" innovations.

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  • Mark Alizart (France), philosopher. He publishes Le Coup d'État Climatique (2020)
  • Holly Jean Buck (États-Unis), geographer, At present, she is studying how technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere might affect landscapes in the central US, and how policy for scaling up carbon dioxide removal can be designed for community benefit. Her book After Geoengineering: Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration examines best-case scenarios for carbon removal. She has written on several aspects of climate engineering, including humanitarian and development approaches to geoengineering, gender considerations, and human rights issues. 
  • Yasmine Bouagga (France), sociologist, mayor of the 1st district of Lyon, member of the political partuy "Europe Écologie - Les Verts"