Double Degree - École Centrale de Lyon - Engineering Research



    The 3 establishments ENS de Lyon/UCBL Lyon 1 and École Centrale de Lyon have partnered to offer a double degree in Research Engineering leading to an engineering degree from ECL and a Master’s co-accredited by ENS de Lyon and the Université Lyon 1.



    • 1st year from one of the following Master’s:
    • 2nd year: 2nd year of ECL (S7 and S8).
    • 3rd year:
      • From September to January, 2nd year in the same Master’s degree.
      • From January to March, followed by core curriculum modules known as “Unité d’Enseignement secteur” in French at ECL.
      • From April to August, internship at the end of ECL’s program and the internship of the Master’s 2 degree (M2).
    • 4th year:
      • End of the Double degree program: in September and October, followed by the a professional-based core module, known as "UE métier" at ECL.

    Entry requirements

    • ECL Students: Students having successfully completed their first year and who are enrolled in the second year.
    • ENS de Lyon/ UCBL Lyon1 Students: Students with a 3-year Bachelor’s degree from the two institutions and registered on a Master’s 1 program, on a Master’s degree co-accredited by both institutions.

    Application process

    1. Students will initially apply for the double curriculum course at their home institution, in February/March.
    2. The selected students then apply to the other institution in the month of April of the same year. An interview will be held between the student and the person in charge of the training program chosen within the host institution.
    3. Students will be admitted onto the double degree program if both applications are successful.

    Career oppotunities

    Doctoral studies, engineering or research