Double degree- Politecnico di Milano - Physics and Chemistry



    Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi), ENS de Lyon and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) have joined together to propose a double Master’s degree in Physics/Chemistry and Engineering Sciences.

    An international training course with the most prestigious engineering school in Italy, resulting in an original combination of basic research and advanced engineering in the fields of Physics, Photonics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering.


    Entry requirements

    • Diploma: The candidate must have obtained a university degree in France, or abroad, or completed an equivalent course.
    • Language proficiency: B2-Level in English / B2-level in French. The training is delivered in English at PoliMi and in both French and English at ENS de Lyon  UCBL.

    Application process

    Procedure for PoliMi Students:

    1. Pre-selection by Politecnico di Milano according to the procedure described as follows: application process at PoliMi
      This selection does not guarantee the acceptance in the double degree program at the ENS de Lyon/UCBL.
    2. The student may then apply for a Master’s degree at ENS de Lyon/UCBL according to the following timetable and procedure.
    3. The final decision will be taken by all the academic coordinators of the program.

    Procedure for ENS de Lyon/UCBL students:

    1. At ENS de Lyon:
      1. Interview with the teaching team from the Physics and Chemistry Master’s degree program. Approval will be formalized by a letter of recommendation to be included in the application file at PoliMi. 
      2. Notify the director of the Attachment Department concerning your application for validation in your study plan.  
      3. The student registers this application with the International Mobility Service of the ENS of Lyon by completing the online form:  Application Form at ENS de Lyon
        Amongst the documents to download, please replace the requested motivation letter with a copy of the file forwarded to PoliMi.
    2. At PoliMi:
      1. The student, preselected by the ENS Master’s director of studies, then applies for the Master’s at PoliMi according to the following calendar and procedure: application process at PoliMi
      2. The final decision will be made by all the academic coordinators of the program at PoliMi.