Dual course - Medecine and Science

Open to :
  • EU/EEA students


    Implementing dramatic advances in scientific knowledge and technological tools in the practice of medicine and biomedical research is an essential issue. The fact that Lyon is home to of one of the largest faculties of medicine in France, as well as a prestigious ENS School offering multidisciplinary scientific training programs of the highest standards, presents students with a winning combination to obtain a double degree in medicine and science.

    With this in mind, the Université Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 (UCBL1) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS de Lyon) give high-performing students in medicine or pharmacy the opportunity to follow a dual curriculum to train practitioners who have high-level scientific qualifications, as well as creating a link between medical disciplines and academic or industrial research.



    1. The selected candidates follow the L3 Biosciences curriculum, in addition to the third-year courses in medicine or pharmacy. Adjustments are organized in such a way as to avoid students having to follow the same courses twice and thus enable them to validate the two courses over a year.
    2. Students then follow an adjusted version of the Biosciences for Healthcare program of the Master’s in Biology that they will validate in one year through direct entry in semester 3, one of the optional basic core modules (Unité d’Enseignement) which can be replaced by another “UE”, for example, an “UE Europe”.

    Entry requirements

    Students apply at the end of their second year of medicine or pharmacy (DFGSM2/DFGSP2). They will be pre-selected the basis of their student file and selected following oral interviews at the ENS de Lyon.

    Application process

    The declaration and application forms are exclusively on-line, on the application CADENS.  

    Selection interviews for applicants will include:

    • A compulsory oral biology test (30 min, coefficient 2),
    • A compulsory oral chemistry test (30 min, coefficient 1),
    • An optional oral test, selected from the following disciplines: Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics (30 min, coefficient 1).
    • Informal interview with the head of the Biosciences course based on the candidate's project

    Career oppotunities

    At the end of these two years, students have two options:

    • They can either complete a science thesis before resuming their medical/pharmacy studies in the 4th year of studies
    • Resume their medical/pharmacy studies to prepare the ECN before completing a science thesis.