Dual course - Veterinary Studies and Research in Biology



    ENS de Lyon and ENS Cachan have partnered with the French National Veterinary schools (ENV) to train outstanding veterinary researchers. These two ENS schools offer students recruited on the basis of the ENS entrance exam, who have passed the ENV exam of the previous year, to follow a double degree in research, offering them a head-start in their future career as a veterinary surgeon.



    The training is over 5 or 6 years, 4 of which are paid as at the ENS pupil rate. It can be completed by the preparation of a science thesis. The courses at ENS de Lyon lead to a Bachelor’s degree L3 and a Master’s in Biology, with a Biosciences program in partnership with the university Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Courses followed at VetAgroSup allow students to obtain a Final Year Diploma in Veterinary Studies (DEFV). The validation of the French state veterinary surgeon diploma can be carried out at the same time as the first year of a science thesis. Throughout their training, students will benefit from personalized support, carried out jointly by both institutions.

    Specifically, the training begins with a final year bachelor’s degree program (L3) at ENS de Lyon, followed by 2 or 3 years at VetAgro Sup, with specific focus on research training. Some of this training will take place abroad. A specific version for health students from the Master’s in Biosciences will then be carried out at the ENS de Lyon, leading to a DEFV and the possibility of pursuing a veterinary thesis and a science thesis.

    Entry requirements

    • Open to 3rd year degree ENS students (from ENS de Lyon or ENS Cachan)
      This double degree is aimed at Bachelor degree (L3) ENS pupils in their final year who have joined the ENS de Lyon or ENS Cachan in their first year of the specific high-level preparatory class, known as “spé BCPST” and who have successfully passed the competitive ENV track A entrance exam at the same time as the ENS competitive entrance exam.
    • 3 places for this double degree program are opened in each of the two ENS Schools, the candidates are selected by a recruitment assessment at ENV known as “Concours E” during their final year of the Bachelor’s degree (L3).



    Career oppotunities

    Veterinary researchers