Dramaturgy Studies

Open to :
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor)
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-European students
Language proficency requirements :
  • French: C1
Year of study :
  • Master's degree (1st year)
  • Master's degree (2nd year)

    The aim of the "Dramaturgy studies" program is to train students in the practice of dramaturgy, which can be used both in research and artistic creation.

    This program is strongly oriented towards research (intrinsically and in the methods it uses); it provides students with the tools of dramaturgical analysis in the diversity of its history and the plurality of its forms; it places students in a situation of experimentation through practice, thanks to master classes and strong institutional partnerships with various theatrical institutions.

    Dramaturgical practices are explored, in contact with contemporary creation, in all their dimensions:

    • writing,
    • commentary,
    • applied dramaturgy,
    • translation,
    • adaptation,
    • criticism,

    and in all their fields of application :

    • writing,
    • stage,
    • image.

    It has a partnership with Ensatt and the University of Lyon 2. 


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    Language of teaching

    100% of this program is in French.

    Career opportunities after this course

    • Research careers: disciplinary training combined with multi-arts training in the arts allows for a broadened and renewed practice of disciplinary research. It also includes an openness to creative research, encouraged by interdisciplinary practice and modules focusing on theory and practice. 
    • Art teaching professions: the training builds a dialectical, comparative and articulated approach to the history of the arts, their methods of analysis, their productions and their forms
    • Creation and accompaniment of creation: training through modules that are both practical and knowledgeable about the professional world, in connection with the field of contemporary creation, trains students in dramaturgy, criticism, programming, and accompaniment of diffusion in public establishments for the production and diffusion of the arts. 

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