Physics & Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry
Open to :
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor)
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-European students
Language proficency requirements :
  • French: B1
  • English: B2
Year of study :
  • Master's degree (1st year)
  • Master's degree (2nd year)

    The Physics & Chemistry course is a master's degree in Material Sciences. It prepares for a PhD and covers all fields of physics and chemistry, from fundamental concepts and applications to numerical modeling and complex systems.

    A curriculum in physics and chemistry

    In the 1st year of the master's degree, a high-level generalist training giving access to the different specialties of the Master’s 2 degree in chemistry and physics

    In the 2nd year of the master's degree, 4 programs are possible for the Physics & Chemistry major:

    • Physics, concepts and applications
    • Chemistry, concepts and applications
    • Complex systems
    • Computational Physics and Chemistry

    Download the curriculum

    Language of teaching

    In M1: about 25% of this program is in English.

    In M2: from 25 to 100% of the lectures are given in English depending on the courses, 100% of the lectures can be given in English at the request of the students.

    Career opportunities after this course : 

    •    Researcher, teacher, research engineer
    •    Industry Research and Development Executive
    •    Secondary school teacher/ preparatory classes/ higher education
    •    Scientific Advisor / Analyst / Expert
    •    Senior Official