French as a foreign language

"French as a foreign language" is a course specifically designed for international students that has received a quality certification from the French government.

This course is provided by the ENS de Lyon's Foreign Languages Center.

  • 1-week immersion course (end-August) for A2-B1-level students : "Discovering French as a foreign language"
  • 31 courses all year long for all levels - from A2 to C1
  • Workshops to improve your academic written and spoken French
  • More workshops on French civilization, creative writing, drama, etc.
  • students, teachers, researchers and staff of the ENS de Lyon
  • people working in the public or private sector, job-seekers and individuals aged 28 and over via the Continuing Education Office (more information)

At the beginning of each semester on the Foreigne Languages Center's website.

Lessons are attributed on a "first come, first served" basis. A test is required to determine the candidate's language proficiency.

Credit for your diploma with ETCS or a certificate from the Language Center