First PhD registration

Administrative PhD inscriptions at ENS de Lyon will be open from early-July 2023 until November 15, 2023.

After applying to a Postgraduate faculty and receiving confirmation of admission, candidates must finalize their registration at the same time with the PhD school (academic registration) and with the Postgraduate office of ENS de Lyon (administrative registration).

NB: These two entries must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. The academic year is defined as follow: from October 1st to September 30th, of the following year.

Reminder: since 2018, mandatory payment of the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC). This payment concerns all students; this is a necessary requirement for pre-registration on CORIANDRE. Please click on

Registration on ADUM (new for 2023)

  1. Contact the administrative office of the PhD faculty to find out who is your thesis director's attachment to obtain your identification codes.
  2. Fill in the online form and upload the requested documents:
  3. Submit your application; your thesis, laboratory and PhD faculty directors will be asked to examine your application electronically.
  1. Email ENS de Lyon's Postgraduate Office (Bureau du 3e cycle) - rentree.doctorants [at] (rentree[dot]doctorants[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)  so that the department can send you the terms and conditions for a first thesis application at the School and a link to the CORIANDRE application (online administrative registration).

  2. Then you need to pre-register online with CORIANDRE using the Downloadable Guide in the "Required Documents" section. You must upload the documents listed in the "Required Documents" section in CORIANDRE.

  3. The Postgraduate Office of ENS de Lyon provides you with the summary status of your registration and a confirmation letter. If documents are missing on CORIANDRE, you will be invited to complete your online administrative registration. When your file is complete, you will have to return to rentree.doctorants [at] (rentree[dot]doctorants[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)  with the confirmation form duly completed and signed by yourself and your thesis director.

  4. A certificate of education will be issued to you once you have paid the university postgraduate tuition fees.  

If you are enrolled in an institution abroad:

  1. The co-supervisor at the ENS de Lyon informs the receiving laboratory and the Office of International Affairs about your wish to establish an International Joint Supervision of a doctoral thesis.
    An agreement will then be drawn up and submitted to the different parties for signature.
  2. For non-European doctoral students, the receiving laboratory establishes the agreement for the reception of scientists (for the duration of the 6 month stay) then transmits it to the Office of International Affairs for signature by the President. This document is required for you to obtain a scientific visa.
  3. Upon arrival you must present yourself to:
  • The receiving laboratory for your logistic reception (access badge, etc)
  • The Office of International Affairs for the application for temporary residence permit

You must follow the procedure mentioned above by specifying the word "thesis co-supervision" in the registration file.

You will file your French thesis co-supervision agreement, signed by your thesis director and co-director, and the partner institution, at the Postgraduate Office at ENS de Lyon.

For an international co-supervision (see International Mobility department), it will also be necessary to collect the signature by the principals of Postgraduate faculties. 

The Postgraduate Office will then transfer the documents for them to be signed by the President of ENS de Lyon.

You must follow the procedure mentioned above by specifying "thesis co-supervision" in the registration file.

  1. If you have an international co-supervision project, complete the application form for co-supervision and send it to the international [at] (International Student Office).
  2. After validating your thesis registration and the application form, the international mobility department drafts and has the various parties sign the thesis supervision agreement (duration: 3 years).
  3. Additional steps for non-European PhD students: the host laboratory drafts the reception agreement for scientists and then submits it for signature by the President. This document is needed to obtain a visa. 

Check beforehand if you need a hosting agreement and the visa needed to come to France. Upon arrival, go to the International Mobility Department for the reception and application for a residence permit, then make an appointment at the Registrar department - the Postgraduate office - to finalize the registration.

NB: Don't forget to re-register administratively each year at the Postgraduate faculty and at ENS de Lyon. If you apply for a re-enrollment in the 4th year of the thesis, an amendment to your co-supervision agreement will be required and drafted jointly by the Department of International Mobility and the Postgraduate Office.